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If it is your first time here - navigate this site with the buttons on the left of each page. sometimes you can go deeper in the site by clicking buttons further down (scroll down) the page. There should always be a way back to the main pages by using the text nav bar on the bottom of each page.

Our video feeds look great with a broadband connection and there are several ways to get a full screen view of the various live sex chat video feeds. Sometimes you will find a button near the lower right hand side of the video, similar to you tube videos and other standard video players around the web . When you are watching the windows media encoded videos, or using windows media player to watch videos, sometimes it is easier to hit he buttons ctrl and alt together to get full screen, and then the “esc” button to get back to regular view. With some versions of windows media player, when you hove the mouse button over the video you will then get some full screen / regular screen view buttons to appear.

It is best to have the latest version of windows media player and the adobe flash video player to watch our videos. Some of our videos have been encoded in the Apple quicktime format, but for most users we also suggest getting the flash player and windows media player as well. - if you do not have the latest windows media player click here get it - install it and then click your back button to return - you will be glad you did! Get the newest flash video player at the adobe get flash page.

Make sure you have the newest Java plugin and cookies enabled on your computer - We will have some flash animations, movies and games soon - So we recommend having the flash player plugin.

Everything in our site is copyrighted, some even trademarked. It is all our original, exclusive erotic pictures, videos and stories. Please do not copy, print, or otherwise use our stuff.

We are adding new pics and videos all the time to the various sections of the site - and we would like feedback and ideas from everyone interested in erotica. You can share your opinions and ideas with E-mails, chat, polls, and more.

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